Vintage Trek

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that I’ve never been a fan of Trek bikes.  They go way back of course, but they’ve just always been really bland, and have never made a bike that I’ve lusted after.

Here’s an old one from eBay that I do like;

Fullscreen capture 04012014 94221 PM

This is an ’88 900, and it’s a pretty modern ’88, as back then, a lot of bikes still had chainstay mounted U-brakes.  Even though it says “Pro” on it, it’s got Mountain-LX parts, rather than XT.  I can’t make out if there is a sticker identifying the frame tubing, but I think Trek liked True Temper.

What I like about this bike is that it’s far more interesting visually than just about every other Trek in the vintage period.  All of their bikes were always one colour and the frames had level top tubes.  This 900 though has a nice purple/yellow fade with the stem and bar painted to match the purple.

It’s a really good and unified look – like they really cared and made an effort to make a good looking bike.  Why they stopped doing stuff like this, I don’t know.

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