Vintage – sort of – road bikes

If you didn’t already know, there is a Lance Armstrong film in the works, and in order to make realistic scenes of the peleton hammering all over France, the film makers needed a peleton’s worth of vintage bikes.

So where do you find nine copies of one of the most desirable 90’s road bike ever made?

You make them yourself;

Fullscreen capture 15012014 34752 PM

Condor cycles of London made a whole team worth of the iconic Eddy Merckx Motorola bikes, Saeco Cannondales, and T-Mobile Giants.

As per the article, they are admittedly good enough replicas, but wouldn’t fool a vintage bike expert in person.  I especially enjoy the Dura Ace shift/brake levers pointed to the sky just like Armstrong did.  And the fake Cannondales, which Condor made from steel, and would of course have much smaller tubes than the real deal.

Who knows if this film will be any good, but I like that they’re making the effort for realism.

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