A retro classic returns

You will find no large bicycle company making bikes from steel these days.  Aluminium is easier – ie cheaper – to work with, and it’s lighter.  I’m sure it’s much easier to sell a light bike to the average bike buyer, than it is to try and sell the ride qualities of a steel frame.

All of which makes this bike a real surprise.


The 2014 Kona Explosif.  Reynolds 520 steel frame, 27.5″ wheels, 120mm Rock Shox fork with 15mm axle, 142 x 12mm rear end with sliding dropouts, and a retail price of $2300.  Old skool frame tubes, new skool design.  It’s a mass-produced Chromag Aperture.

I bought the Mountain Bike Action Buyer’s Guide recently just to see what I could buy with $2500.  I don’t have $2500 by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s a dollar amount I could comfortably amass after a year of saving.  I didn’t see this bike in the Guide, but it’s my clear winner.

If only Rocky Mountain would bring back the Blizzard in this style…

2 thoughts on “A retro classic returns”

  1. Yup.

    Ultimately, it’s a good evolution, because you can’t really argue with “Blizzard” as a name for a fatbike. Norco used their old Bigfoot name for their fatbike, which is also a no-brainer from a marketing perspective.

    But the Blizzard was the Porsche 911 of mountain bikes. What other company had a bike that you could trace back to 1984 with the same format and frame material?

    They’ve re-used and re-imagined the Altitude, Thunderbolt, Blizzard, and maybe now Sherpa – http://www.nsmb.com/2015-rocky-mountain-sherpa/ – so we can still hope there’s a Hammer or an Equipe coming back in steel?

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