Even I will draw a line somewhere

If I have a thing, it’s the ability to make something from next to nothing. I have enough parts piled up that I can take a $50 bike in need of work, and turn it into something maybe worth $200. But, even considering that, there are times when it’s gone too far.

This is one of those times;


It’s a Rocky Mountain Fusion from 2002. And it’s in terrible shape.

You can see that the decals are in rough shape, as is the paint. There’s a rack that’s been installed by someone who has no idea what a rack is supposed to do. And the ad says the front tire is flat.

No problem, right?

There also appears to be a horribly rusted chain. And I’m certain the drivetrain is not stock. You’d never have found that crank and derailleur on any Rocky Mountain. I think the rear wheel is a bolt-on type, which Rocky also never speced.

At the front end we find Shimano LX 7 speedĀ brake/shifter units. From 1991. They’re meant for cantilever brakes, and we’ve got v-brakes on the bike, so braking will be terrible. And this should have been an 8 speed bike, so none the drivetrain is original.

What’s weird is that the stem, bar, headset, and the fork, are all correct. So why would you swap the wheels and drivetrain from a $200 department store bike onto this $600 bike?

I guess if all of those parts were worn out, this would be the cheapest way to get it rolling again. Or maybe the wheels were stolen, and this was someone’s attempt at just making it go.

If I were to take on this project, the only thing I’d keep is the frame, and that would need new paint. I have a enough parts, but I also have a whole bunch of other stuff that would be ahead of this. So, you do need to know when to say when, even with rescue bikes.

Hopefully someone can make this good again.


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