I haven’t posted a good old-fashioned “eBayers be cray” post in a long time.

Don’t call it a comeback.

Rocky Mountain Element on eBay.

RMB Element 70

RMB Element 70

It’s a 2009 model Element 70, which was second from the top of the line, and a very good bike. But, the price – CDN$2200 – is nothing short of insane.

The seller says it was a complete bike that was broken down, but then says that it’s NOS (new, old stock). I wouldn’t consider it to be that though. To me, a NOS frame is one that was sold as a frame in the first place, not one that was a complete bike, then taken apart.

Even if we overlook that, it’s still crazy. You can buy a brand new Element for CDN$2599. And that’s a complete bike.

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As nice as the ’09 surely was, a ’15 Element is just light years ahead; 29″ wheels, 142mm rear end, a 15mm axle fork with lockout. If you want a bike to go fast on cross country trails, the ’15 will clobber the ’09.

Unfortunately, the ’15 Element comes in at a somewhat porky 29 lbs, but I think we’re pretending this is ok nowadays. To get something light, you going to pay for it – but that’s another topic for another post.

As another – more similar mechanically – comparison, I found this ’08 Element Team on Pinkbike. That’s the top of the line race bike for that year; Easton scandium frame, full XTR (except for the brakes), and an upgraded Rock Shox SID, all for CDN$1200.

That’s half what this frame will cost you when you add in┬áthe most insane thing in this listing, the shipping.

It’s described as “Economy” shipping, 37 to 42 business days. That’s 37 to 42 days. This is what I expect when I buy cheap USB drives and phone chargers from Hong Kong. Six weeks to go across the continent. Is it also going to every MLB ballpark at the same time? Because you could do that in less time.

And it’s going to cost CDN$245. I swear to you that I shipped a frame to Finland for CDN$90 last year.


Now, I will say that the shipping is not entirely the seller’s fault. eBay automates a lot of this now, and he/she may not even know what we see out West for rates.

The unfortunate thing is, all in, you’re looking at $2500 for a frame that’s six years old, and not particularly fancy.

Sorry, but that’s truth.

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