A Bargain Ventana

Ventana operates out of Rancho Cordova, California, and has done so since 1988. Their first product was the (unknown to me) elevated Cone Peak of 1991. I thought I knew elevated bikes inside and out as they’re a favorite design of mine, but I had never known of the Cone Peak before today.

1991 Ventana Cone PEak

1991 Ventana Cone Peak

I’ve always been a fan of Ventana’s old bikes because they just always looked good. It is admittedly a silly attribute to judge a bike on, but a bike that really looks good is more likely to draw you out onto the trails I think.

I’m not liking their current hunchback top tubes, but I’m sure the bikes are still good.

But that’s besides the point, which is, I found a super nice El Habanero on eBay a while back that really surprised me in what it sold for.

Ventana El Habanero

Ventana El Habanero

I may not have even found it on the first go ’round, but it was initially up for sale at a $300 Buy it Now price. And the initial bid was $200. I’ve wanted to pick up a old skool or mid skool full suspension bike for a while now, but I’m just not in the position to swing that deal right now. If I had been, I would have jumped all over this – it’s a beauty.

It sat at the bottom of my eBay list for a long time, and I forgot about it. Today I checked on it, and had to go down the relist rabbit hole. This happens to me a lot, because I forget about these things. It gets relisted any number of times, so I have to click on ‘view relisted item’ over and over until I find out what happened.

And what happened, is that it sold for US$99.

There are few things more difficult in vintage bikes than reaching any kind of consensus on what stuff is worth, it’s really just a matter of opinion. In my opinion, this is worth way more than $99.

Maybe because there’s no disc tabs, and in fact, it’s designed for cantilever brakes, it’s less desirable? I feel like I’ve seen a lot of bikes with these limitations sell for more.

It may just be that Ventana is not that well known. Which is really unfortunate (for me!) because this is a great platform for an easy vintage rebuild. A Marzocchi Bomber, some XTR, half decent v-brakes, and you’re done.

I’ll just have to keep my eyes out for the next one.


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  1. I have an XT group with a Snycros seatpost, Mavic rims and WTB saddle exactly like the frame pictured. Would you be interested in buying it? It definitely needs tires. I bought it new and hand picked every component in 1998.

    Thanks, Bill

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