Counterfeit eBay parts?

It’s always been a dream of mine to build a bike entirely out the CNC machined, anodized parts that you can buy on eBay.  It’s ridiculous I know, but I really want to know how good these parts are. They’re often the cheapest options for new parts, so it’s very hard to resist.

Of course, you risk not being cool if you run these parts. The other guys on your ride are probably not going to be impressed by the Selcof stem on your bike, like they would a Thomson. They might even make fun of you!

I ride by myself though, so I really don’t care about this.

Trek 4500

Trek 4500

My most recent restoration project requires a seatpost. Of course, restoration is not the right term for what I’m doing. Restoration is what you do to a 30 year old Ritchey or Yeti. I have a ’03 Trek 4500.

Nobody restores a 10 year old Trek. Flipping is what I’m doing here.

Anyway, the first mistake that I realized I had made in buying a bike that didn’t have wheels or a seatpost, is that the seatpost is a weird and stupid size. Trek for some reason preferred to use monstrously large 31.6mm posts even on pretty much all their bikes. I’m sure there’s a good reason for this, but it’s just so much easier to make fun of them than it is to find out that reason.

My best option for a cheap post in a weird size was eBay. I expected to pay $20 or less for one of those aformentioned ‘no-name’ Chinese made posts, from Token, or KCNC, or GUB GS, or Delt. Chances are these no-name parts are made in the same factories as the maker branded parts you’d find on a Trek or a Giant anyway.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find that KCNC and GUB and Delt are all made in the same factory.

IMG_20151123_084331What I found for this Trek restoration though, was a Turner seatpost. Turner has made some very high quality bikes since 1994, but I’ve never known them to make any parts. This post uses the design that Syncros started with in the late 80’s – which is a very common design theft – and now that it’s arrived, I can say that it seems to be pretty well made.

Fullscreen capture 23112015 111336 AMI don’t think it’s made by Turner the bike company though. And I wouldn’t have thought that whoever did make it was trying to counterfeit Turner parts, because Turner doesn’t make parts. Is it even a counterfeit if it’s a copy of something that doesn’t exist? Have a look at the two logos though, and you have to wonder.

So, I don’t know what to make of this, but I’m glad I got it before someone at Turner gets a lawyer and sends a cease-and-desist. If they ever find out about it that is. I’ll be selling the bike I’m putting it on in the spring, so it’ll be out in the general population soon enough.

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