Rocky Mountain in Germany

Rocky Mountain has always had a strong following in Germany. There are some on the Internet that have suggested in fact that sales of their bikes in Germany kept Rocky going in some lean years. There were quite a few special models sold only in Europe, which I believe were probably the result of the strong sales.

Also, there is a massive following for retro Rocky bikes, and really, anything Canadian, in Germany. The website has some truly incredible retro Rockys and Brodies, and no question there’s a huge concentration of perfect Syncros parts for the early 90’s over there.

Because I know this, it’s interesting to hit eBay Germany from time to time to see what’s there.

Well, it is for me anyway.

Let’s take a quick look at some of these special Germany-only models.

RMB Vertex Ltd.

Here’s a European model Vertex Ltd from about 1998. In North America there was a Vertex T.O. with a red on white maple leaf fade. Europe got this very nice dark blue on white. I have no idea what the parts spec was for this bike, but I’m sure those Syncros cranks are not stock, as they were out of production by ’98. The forks look newer than ’98 as they have disc tabs. It’s a very well put together bike.

RMB Vertex Ltd.

Here’s another with a very striking blue and orange paint scheme, that matches beautifully with the Manitou SX forks and RaceFace cranks. A reader in Europe sent this to me, and he is the original owner. Another exceptionally built bike.

RMB Element Ltd.

RMB Element Ltd.

Here’s a slighty newer Element Ltd, though I can’t say for sure what year it is. It has disc tabs, which wasn’t a thing on North American Elements until 2002. But the decals are definitely 1999. Whatever year it is, it’s built for speed, with Syncros cranks, Hope brakes, Ti Syncros post, and Ti Selle Italia saddle. And the red on silver fade differs from our blue on white.

RMB Blizzard

RMB Blizzard

You can see that these are pretty high end machines, which would explain why people would say these Euro sales were keeping Rocky alive. Rockys in general are pretty expensive in Europe. Check out this Blizzard for instance; I believe this is a ’12 – the last year – in red and white, and probably custom built since I think it was sold frame only. It’s got a Magura fork, pretty blah Truvativ cranks – with a pretty odd 2×10 setup – Tune hubs, and the Holy Trinity of terrible front end setups; lots of headset spacers, reverse rise stem, and a riser bar.

I figure this bike is worth about $2000, which is pretty high compared to what you can buy new, but it’s rare and special (to some people) so it’s worth a bit more. It’s on eBay Germany right now at a staggering 3200 Euros, which is $4600 in sad and pathetic Canadian dollars.

I’m not sure why they are asking that much, because it’s nice, but not that nice. It’s roughly XT level on average, and you need XTR for this ask. I don’t see any carbon or Ti on there either.

I don’t see this selling for this much, but it does make you wonder if you shouldn’t grab any Blizzard you can get your hands on, and take it over to Germany to sell.

And of course, do this over Oktoberfest.

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