eBay Roundup

This time around in my somewhat regularly scheduled wrap-ups of what’s weird, amazing, or expensive on eBay, we’ve got some crazily expensive and rare bits.

Klein Death Grip tires

Klein Death Grip tires

It’s a set of Klein Death Grip tires! One of the last two bits that I’m sure the dedicated Klein guy struggles with when he/she wants the perfect bike. The other part being Klein grips, which may be called Instinct grips, or may be called Death grips.

Death Grip grips? Of course.

Anyway, you don’t see these tires around often, and you certainly don’t see them in never mounted condition. Which is probably why they’re listed for US$300.

Insane?  Probably.

Campagnolo Record OR brakes

But what about some Campagnolo Record OR cantilever brakes? I’ll be writing a post about Campagnolo’s mountain components (this is way overdue) in the future, so for now, just know that these are beautiful, rare, and expensive.

How expensive? US$555 expensive!

They are crazy rare though. I’ve never seen a bike in person with these on them, and I worked in two shops for about seven years. They are incredibly uncommon.

Cannondale Fatty D Headshok

Cannondale Fatty D Headshok

On the other hand, these Cannondale Headshok forks are incredibly common. If you’re not familiar with them, Cannondale always needed to do things their way. Using the regular suspension forks that everyone else did just didn’t cut it for Cannondale. So they jammed the suspension unit into the headtube, which was supposed to be stiffer than a conventional fork, and therefore ride better.

The problem being that it jacked up the front end of the bike, and it was a super huge headtube, reducing your customization options on your stem to, well, Cannondale.

The selling price of US$369 is pretty darn crazy, because you can pretty easily buy an entire Cannondale for that much. And these can only be used on Cannondale bikes. You can buy a Rock Shox or Manitou from the same era for less than half this ask, so it’s pretty hard to take this price.

Finally, it’s Moots Mounts!

Moots Mounts

Moots Mounts

What the hell are they? Well, back in the day, guys that were building klunkers, and wanted brakes that actually did something, could use them to attach cantilevers onto their old frames. Also, they were handy if you suddenly wanted to change the wheel size on your bike.

This was a thing in 1985 I suppose?

For US$149, I feel like this is a score. Can you imagine any bike part surviving in its original packaging for 30 years? Much less one this esoteric?

I mean, you can put other tires than the Kleins, and brakes other than the Campys, on your bike and it can still be awesome. But there’s just nothing you can use instead of Moots Mounts for your klunker recreation.

Also, I’m pretty sure the green blobs are plasticene. Things were just so much more fun back then.

Moots Mounts

Campagnolo Record brakes

Death Grip


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