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Back in the day

TeamCow was headquarted at a half-duplex known as the Cow Palace – or just The Palace – on 106 st at the corner of 74 ave.  We had a great yard, completely shaded from the street by tall caragana trees.

We of course had a fire pit, and the best survivor party ever, and at one time, some ramps for us to work on our slow speed skills.



This is maybe the only picture that survived of those ramps, and it’s a weird one.  Jack and his bike seem too big compared to the ramp.  It’s like he’s been photoshopped in there from another picture.  Or it’s a tiny little ramp and he’s on a monster 29er.

My personal slow speed skills didn’t benefit from that ramp, because I stayed away from it, but it was probably really useful to Jack and Dr. Stu.