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The joy of bike building

Building your own bike is highly rewarding. Not only do you get a bike where every part has your own individual stamp on it, but you get the personal satisfaction of knowing you made it work.

However, you will run into some truly idiotic situations if you mix parts. Of course mixing parts is the whole point of building a custom bike.

So here’s the most recent bit of ridiculousness that I’ve had to deal with;

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I haven’t talked about anything new in the world of bikes for some time, so, let’s talk cranks, because I’ve realized they’ve gone through some interesting changes recently.

1996 Shimano XTR group

The Gold Standard in cranks has almost always been Shimano’s XTR. There might be lighter, or cheaper options than XTR, but historically, XTR has given buyers the best compromise of weight, performance, and price.

And generally, they’ve been the best looking too – but I’m not sure that’s the case anymore.

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More eBay lunacy

One thing I’ve always wanted, is a titanium frame. I’ve had a couple actually, but didn’t hang on to them because they just weren’t quite right. I think I’ll find the right one someday, but it’s not a priority at the moment.

Doesn’t mean that I don’t look though.

Today I found a gorgeous GT Xizang.

Fullscreen capture 22102015 30949 PM

GT Xizang

The Xizang was highly desirable back in the day and continues to be today. So much so that the seller is asking $1400 for this frame. It doesn’t appear to have been built up, so it’s technically new, but it’s New Old Stock. It’s not New new.

As a comparison, a New new Lynskey Ti frame runs about $1700. But that’s with all mod cons like a tapered head tube, press fit BB, disc brake mounts, and dropper post cable routing (maybe, I don’t know). So, I don’t know if $1400 is reasonable. I don’t know if “reasonable” even is a factor when it comes to vintage bikes.

Especially a rare one like the Xizang.

My problem though, is the listing itself. That terrible picture I posted above? That’s probably the best picture on the eBay listing. Between the six pictures posted, you end up seeing the entire bike, but never the whole thing at once.

Even worse, is the seller has put this very rare, very expensive, never been built up frame on the ground, resting up against a metal pole. At Redbike we had crazy awesome metal work stands (that are still there I think) that we were under incredibly strict orders to NEVER prop a bike up against. Because a slip and a massive scratch was so easy on those stands.

It’s pretty hard to accept this price with such a shoddy attitude towards selling.

Nice frame though.

Why do we need this?

Lately there has been a lot of talk in “the industry” about changing standards. I’ve written about changing standards before, but writing a blog post about it is merely taking a snapshot of a given time. Things are constantly changing. It seems to have reached a boiling point though because it’s all you hear about now.

And the refrain from the people who seemingly don’t want change is “Why do we need this?”

This is a stupid question. Of course you don’t need this, whatever this is. Remote adjustable platform suspension, remote adjustable dropper seatposts, carbon fibre frames, tubeless tires, press fit bottom brackets, tapered headtubes. Before any of these products came along people were out riding mountain bikes and loving every minute of it.

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