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I thought I was weird

This is one of the strangest bikes I’ve seen in a while.


Doesn’t look that odd though, does it?  It’s a Scott Team Issue aluminium hard tail, probably older than 1999, but I don’t know what year for sure.  There is no disc brake tab on it, and most manufacturers had both v-brake and disc brake mounts on their frames in 2000 and ’01, so I figure it has to be older than that.

It’s a textbook race bike from whatever year it’s from.  Fat tubes, very light frame, a very light and high end Manitou fork, and gorgeous green RaceFace forks.

And then it gets very odd.

For starters, no rear brakes.  And it’s a singlespeed with a massive 44×17 ratio.  AND it has fatbike rims!  But just regular XC tires – 2.3″ wide.  Super light everything, and heavy wheels.  Companies are moving towards wider rims (I guess you were wrong Keith Bontrager…) lately, but “wide” on an XC or trail bike means 29mm.  These Snow Cat rims are 60mm wide.

$_57 (1)

It’s supposed to flatten out the tire and give it a wider contact patch on the ground.  I think. Richard Cunningham says the wider rim makes tubeless tires work better too, but I forget why.

But, the best thing of all on this bike; no explanation at all as to why it was built this way.

It’s bizarre, and I love it.

(Nobody on ebay was willing to go $500 on it though)

Vintage Trek

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that I’ve never been a fan of Trek bikes.  They go way back of course, but they’ve just always been really bland, and have never made a bike that I’ve lusted after.

Here’s an old one from eBay that I do like;

Fullscreen capture 04012014 94221 PM

This is an ’88 900, and it’s a pretty modern ’88, as back then, a lot of bikes still had chainstay mounted U-brakes.  Even though it says “Pro” on it, it’s got Mountain-LX parts, rather than XT.  I can’t make out if there is a sticker identifying the frame tubing, but I think Trek liked True Temper.

What I like about this bike is that it’s far more interesting visually than just about every other Trek in the vintage period.  All of their bikes were always one colour and the frames had level top tubes.  This 900 though has a nice purple/yellow fade with the stem and bar painted to match the purple.

It’s a really good and unified look – like they really cared and made an effort to make a good looking bike.  Why they stopped doing stuff like this, I don’t know.

eBay Finds, or, This Blog is Entirely About Gary Fisher Now…

If you’ve been paying attention to my blogging all these years, you might remember that I’ve mentioned often that vintage Gary Fisher bicycles and frames rarely come up for sale.

Things seem to have changed though.

I’ve posted before the seller in the U.S. with the insane, $25,000 price on the Procaliber. Which seems to be an “f-you” response to people telling him his $8,000 price was ridiculous. Today, there are three other vintage Fishers;

Fullscreen capture 03112013 125439 PM

This is a 1987 Procaliber, completely original with Shimano XT parts, chainstay mounted U-brakes, and the most awesome flat handlebar ever.  It’s funny that so many people will mention that their remembrance of vintage MTBs is 150mm stems and 0 or 3 degree sweep handlebars, because I remember these 10 degree bars.  Both of them disappeared from the market, but the big sweep flat bar made a comeback with the Rise of the 29ers.

The price is $700, which is right on the edge of “that’s pricey, but good given it’s condition” and “great bike, but that’s insane.”  And the reason it’s not completely insane is it’s rarity, and it’s place in the history of MTBs.

Fullscreen capture 03112013 10741 PM

Next up is a 1990 AL-1.  One of the first production aluminum bikes, this one, like the Procaliber, is in excellent shape.  It’s a little less original, but has the super cool Fisher Fat Trax tire on the front.

The price here is $950, which is really leaning into the insane.  I love the colour, but if I had to choose, the cheaper Procaliber is a pretty easy win.

Fullscreen capture 03112013 11421 PM

1991 Fisher Procaliber – I’m not 100% certain if that Control Stem is original, but even if it isn’t, the bike is 99% original.  Even the tires and grips, which are very rare to survive this long.   It too is in excellent condition, and has the added VRC cache of being a non-Shimano bike.  Plus for me, 1991/1992 are simply the best years for mountain bikes period.

So, it’s $850, splitting the difference between the two previous bikes.  But is that an insane price?  I don’t think I could ever pay that much for this bike.  But, I can’t say it’s insane, because if this was a Rocky Mountain Vertex, or Altitude, or Thunderbolt of the same vintage and condition, I’m buying it.

It really comes down to if its your brand or not.

Now it gets a little crazy;

Fullscreen capture 03112013 12940 PM

This is a 1990 Gary Fisher Prometheus.  Titanium frame, absolutely 100% original, clearly used, but in very good condition.  The rarest of the rare.  I spend a lot of time on – probably the biggest english website for vintage, retro, classic – and I don’t think anyone there has one.  And they have everything.

The price though is $12,000.

I’ve seen some bikes, like limited run Colnagos with special paint jobs and anniversary Campagnolo groupsets with asking prices like this, and I’ve thought; “I don’t think I’d ever be able to spend that much, but I don’t think that’s an unfair price.”

I don’t know what I think about this though.  It’s amazing but I don’t know if it’s that amazing.

Here it is if you’re wanting to pay the down payment on the guy’s house;