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It is your bike, I guess….

I’m about to indulge in some heavy bike snobbery, but before I do, I’m going to tell you why it’s not snobbery.

Being a bike snob means that you’re only interested in, or only like, certain bikes. High-end, handbuilt bikes of course.

A bike snob would look at a $700 mountain bike and think “trash,” because they know that the only bikes out there worth their salt are made by Artisans. You know, guys that wear hats that only cover the back of their head, and only got one weld done on your frame today because they just weren’t feelin’ it man – between their $8 hand-pressed coffees and $12 artisan sandwiches made from old world grains and organic free-range ham – and you just gotta feel it, you know?

I’m going to make fun of a couple bikes here, but it’s not snobbery. Not entirely anyway. It’s more about usability and building a bike that makes sense.

These two bikes just don’t make sense;

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I thought I was weird

This is one of the strangest bikes I’ve seen in a while.


Doesn’t look that odd though, does it?  It’s a Scott Team Issue aluminium hard tail, probably older than 1999, but I don’t know what year for sure.  There is no disc brake tab on it, and most manufacturers had both v-brake and disc brake mounts on their frames in 2000 and ’01, so I figure it has to be older than that.

It’s a textbook race bike from whatever year it’s from.  Fat tubes, very light frame, a very light and high end Manitou fork, and gorgeous green RaceFace forks.

And then it gets very odd.

For starters, no rear brakes.  And it’s a singlespeed with a massive 44×17 ratio.  AND it has fatbike rims!  But just regular XC tires – 2.3″ wide.  Super light everything, and heavy wheels.  Companies are moving towards wider rims (I guess you were wrong Keith Bontrager…) lately, but “wide” on an XC or trail bike means 29mm.  These Snow Cat rims are 60mm wide.

$_57 (1)

It’s supposed to flatten out the tire and give it a wider contact patch on the ground.  I think. Richard Cunningham says the wider rim makes tubeless tires work better too, but I forget why.

But, the best thing of all on this bike; no explanation at all as to why it was built this way.

It’s bizarre, and I love it.

(Nobody on ebay was willing to go $500 on it though)