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I’ve wanted to talk about Craig Gaulzetti’s operation for quite some time now. (As usual, it takes me forever to do anything on this blog. Ideas take longer to formulate in my head than beer takes to brew. This post alone has six revisions according to WordPress.) I don’t take a lot of interest in new bike builders here, but his work is intriguing. It has a vintage feel, as you’ll soon see.

A few years ago, one of the magazines declared that aluminium was back. Carbon had taken over as the material of choice for high-end bikes, and even though there are still very expensive aluminium bikes, if you wanted to compete, you needed that mystery black stuff.

But, based partly on Cannondale continuing to improve it’s Alu bikes, and partly on newcomer Gaulzetti, Aluminium was making a comeback as an option for the highest levels of road bikes. Further aiding in Gaulzetti’s rise to prominence was the revelation that American building godfather Richard Sachs had bought one.

Gaulzetti Cazzo

Gaulzetti Cazzo

Sachs is very much the traditionalist, building steel framed, curved fork, parallel toptube bikes. They are beautiful, but the polar opposite of an aluminium race bike. Add to that the general perception of Alu as a cheap bike material, and this was news.

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