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Completely irrational

I have very strong opinions with regards to cycling.  A lot of them have very little basis in reality, most of them don’t even matter.

But welcome to the Internet!  Every feeling that everyone has is somehow valid, no matter what.


1. I refuse to acknowledge Bradley Wiggins’ knighthood.  The guy is a jerk, period.  Also, not even born in the UK.

2. I refuse to acknowledge Chris Froome’s knighthood.  Oh wait – he doesn’t have that.  I just wanted to mention him because he was also not born in the UK.

2a. I refuse to acknowledge knighthoods. Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government, or recognizing achievements in cycling.

3. I really don’t care about Lance Armstrong.

3a. Wait – I do care!  I saw the TV documentary Stop at Nothing, and I can you that he is INSANE-O. He is a clinical psychotic.

4. Trek’s president, John Burke, is a jerk.  He forced Greg Lemond to apologize for claiming that Armstrong was doping.  And yet, when Lemond turned out to be right, what did he do?

Nothing.  Nothing is what he did.  Well, he also bought out Gary Fisher and eventually made his bikes disappear…

5. Treks are the most boring bikes made on this planet. The only current one I like is the Superfly, which was a Fisher before it was a Trek. Otherwise, cookie-cutter bikes with graphics maximized to appeal to consumers.

6. Specializeds are the most boring bikes made on this planet.  I don’t care how good the magazines say they are, I would never ride one.  If I see you riding one, know that I am secretly judging you.

7. I will not name my bikes nor will I refer to them as “rigs,” “steeds,” or “whips,” because doing so is silly.  (it’s cool if you name your bike though, I don’t mind) Bicycles are damn cool on their own and do not need to be compared to other vehicles.

8. I used to not like GTs just because of their “triple-triangle” design. I realise now though, that I was young and foolish, and that those bikes had fantastic paint, and just plain looked good.

Vintage GT

Back in the day, I didn’t like GTs.  I didn’t like Triple Triangle, or the LTS and STS bikes, and I really didn’t like the i-Drive bikes.

I can’t say I have a really good reason for that feeling though.

Now though, I’ve completely Flip-Flopped (see what I did there?) and I’d be happy to get my hands on a good GT, like this;


Actually, I did have my hands on this one.  This is a 1991 Tequesta that a good friend of mine bought just a couple of months after I bought my first real bike.  He rode it a lot, and eventually sold it to a friend.

About four years ago he bought it back, and turned it over to me.  I was lucky enough to find a period-correct donor bike for parts, and then with a few new parts, he had himself a like-new, old bike.

I’m going to get him to bring it over next summer so I can take some proper pictures, and then we’ll go for a retro ride with my old Bridgestone.

If I was lucky enough, I’d love to find one of these;


The Cyclone – or Psyclone – was a high-end steel frame, not sure if all of them were fillet brazed, but some were, that sat at the top of their line along with the Zaskar and Xizang Ti.

I’ve never seen one in person, so I suspect they are very rare.

The Zaskars are far more common, and GTs in general are right up there on the Mt. Rushmore of VRC bikes.

Cyclone source;