Midfat bikes

We’re only in the middle of the year, and already it’s time to start looking at 2016 bikes. Which is odd because while some companies are moving towards eliminating model years, everybody else seems hell bent on getting next years bike out as soon as possible.

Kinda reminds me of the owners of professional sports teams begging for salary caps. Essentially asking their league for protection from themselves. Maybe you should get yourselves all on the same page hmm?

Anyway, what’s happening in 2016 is the midfat bike. Without trying that hard, I’ve found four companies bringing out these hardtails in the fall; Airborne, Orbea, Trek, and Specialized. They like the Boost hub spacing (148mm rear, 110mm front) and run 27+ or 29+ wheels with 3.0″ or 3.25″ tires.

Now, any time you try to say that so-and-so invented a bike genre, someone will invariably come out of the woodwork with a story about their buddy that built a bike just like that back in ’85, blah blah blah. Fully expecting that to happen, I’m going to say that Surly invented the midfat bike.

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Why do we need this?

Lately there has been a lot of talk in “the industry” about changing standards. I’ve written about changing standards before, but writing a blog post about it is merely taking a snapshot of a given time. Things are constantly changing.┬áIt seems to have reached a boiling point though because it’s all you hear about now.

And the refrain from the people who seemingly don’t want change is “Why do we need this?”

This is a stupid question. Of course you don’t need this, whatever this is. Remote adjustable platform suspension, remote adjustable dropper seatposts, carbon fibre frames, tubeless tires, press fit bottom brackets, tapered headtubes. Before any of these products came along people were out riding mountain bikes and loving every minute of it.

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