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Here’s what TeamCow is currently rolling on;

2005 Rocky Mountain Blizzard 20th Anniversary Edition.

This is definitely a special bike. I’ve just recently put it together as a full-on trail bike, with parts from my Rocky Altitude 29. XTR wheels, Manitou Minute fork, Formula brakes, XT shifters and derailleurs, and RaceFace cranks.

You will never see me putting this bike up for sale.

1998 Dekerf Team ST


Dekerf is Chris Dekerf, one of Canada greatest frame builders.  He got his start with Rocky Mountain, and branched out on his own in 1994.  His bikes are steel and feature a fantastic wishbone rear end.


This little beauty I picked up for just slightly more than a song.  The Team ST has a small spring in the seatstays giving maybe 3/4 of an inch of movement.  Not much more than smoothing out the ride, but it’s noticeable.


What I’ve done with pretty much any old bike I get, is to immediately get the gears off of it.  So here it is with a singlespeed wheelset I built around a White Industries ENO hub, and my precious RaceFace Turbine 180mm cranks.  Yes I know there are both V-brakes and disc rotors there, I was either too lazy to take the rotors off, or couldn’t find a torx bit to get them off.

I wrote pretty extensively about this bike on my Tumblr – check it out here;

1991 Bridgestone MB-0


My best vintage score to date, Bridgestone bikes have a healthy cult following thanks mostly to their maverick product manager, Grant Peterson.

Peterson was never satisfied to simply put an entire Shimano group on a bike.  He wanted some of their parts, some from Dia-Compe, some from SunTour.  And he did this at same time that Shimano was pushing hard to integrate as many of their parts as possible.  It surely made his job much more difficult, but it also resulted in bikes that just had a bit more soul.

The ultimate expression of his actions was the MB-0.  A limited run of frames made from Ritchey Logic tubes, the MB-0 was lighter by far than anything in it’s price class, and $1000 less than anything that weighed as little as it did.


The ’91 was the second year of production and featured Mavic cranks and bottom bracket, Mavic hubs (that could be adjusted without taking them off the bike!), SunTour shifters and derailleurs, and a Ritchey headset.  It achieves something that some VRC types shoot for – a 100% Shimano-free bike.

Not that Shimano is bad mind you, it’s just a little harder to build bike without them.

Mine is about 95% original, with only the stem and seatpost having been changed.  They should be silver Ritchey units, but I think the bike looks pretty good with them in black, so no hurry to get it to catalog spec.

It’s been a very enjoyable bike to roll around on.  It’s light and nimble, and clearly would have been a good race bike for 1991.

1991 Rocky Mountain Stratos

This one is nearly original, with only the shifters and the wheels not stock. I’ll bet the original Shimano shifters broke – because that’s what they did – and I’ve upgraded the wheels to XT, but the rest is Shimano DX goodness, and Rocky Mountain branded parts.

It’s a cool bike to roll around on, but will probably go up for sale since I just don’t have time to leisurely roll around on the four bikes I have solely for that purpose.

1990 Rocky Mountain Hammer

I was very lucky to get this, and very happy since this colour combo is pretty rare I figure. It’s very well used, scratched up and rusted, and may even be broken. But I replaced all the modern junk that was on it with Shimano XT parts, as well as a very fancy wheelset, so now it’s a tricked out bike, to leisurely roll around on…

5 thoughts on “Current rides”

  1. Sweet DeKerf.
    The frame looks exactly like the one I sold to a fellow in Calgary (sold him the complete bike with a white Z1 on it).
    How long have you had it??
    I bought the frame from the original owner who was an XC racer honch from Vancouver Island.
    Still wish I’d never sold it!!!

    1. Interesting – I hadn`t seen this colour before, figured it was pretty rare.

      I`ve had it for two years, and right now it`s just a frame. I`m going to use it to commute to work this year. Given its condition, I think its had a hard life as a race bike, and its earned a retirement.

  2. Hi team cow,

    Was just writing to see if u still have the bike u dislike the most.
    The ‘trek 9200’.


    1. Hi Sean;

      I sold it at a bike swap here back in May.

      It was fun to have for a bit, but just too much of an adventure on the trails.

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